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restore your smile to something long lasting
Dr. Smith believes that dental implants are one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry. In the past, dentists often did not have good answers for problems like poor fitting dentures, lost teeth or severe gum disease. Now, however, we can often take a bad situation and restore the patient to something that is esthetic, functional and long lasting.

Like other aspects of dentistry, technology has made the placement of dental implants much more precise and predictable. Dr. Smith is one of only a few dental offices in Fresno that utilizes 3D imaging technology in his office on every case he does. With a 3D scan, Dr. Smith can see a detailed image of all vital structures such as the sinus cavity and the jawbone before the implant is placed. Using powerful software, he can virtually place his implant before the procedure is started. He can estimate the perfect height and width of the implant, and foresee any complicating factors before they occur. While complications still can occur, this greatly enhances the chance of success of the procedure.

One of the major concerns for most patients with dental implants is cost. Like everything else that Dr. Smith does, he tries to keep the cost of the procedures to a level that patients can afford. While dental implants are expensive, many insurance companies are starting to provide some benefits for them. If you have any questions about your insurance benefits, feel free to contact our office to see what your particular plan covers.

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